This page details a monthly account of the current projects that are being worked on. Current projects are the Meteor, Goblin engine, DH Vampire, Chippax, Parker and Miles Messenger.


August 2019

JM has continued work on the Chippax engine cowls and front cowling. He has also been repairing the gaitor and its support plate that fit at the bottom of the control column. JR has been working to prepare the Chippax rear fuselage ready for it to be attached to the cockpit section. He has finished the inspection hatch covers and is now making a wooden bulkhead. This will fit into and be secured to the front of the rear fuselage.

DB has been cleaning the sectioned Avon Engine in B42 and has removed various components. The engine is beginning to look much better.

BC has cut the steel necessary to make the Gipsy Major stand and most of it has been welded together to make the stand. Castors have been fitted to the base to enable it to be easy to move.

WT has one Vampire main wheel at home and has started work on its restoration. He has managed to remove the tyre from the hub and the hub , inner tube and tyre are all in good condition. The brake drum is yet to be seperated from the hub.

G.M has started preparing the DH Vampire wings for rejoining.

October 2020 - Parker Restoration
Work has now recommenced on the restoration of the Parker. The starboard wing is currently being rebuilt.

Parker starboard wing restoration  

August 2022 

The museum (Building 16) is now open on the last Sunday of every month throughout 2022 (excluding December). Work is progressing on the Miles Messenger with the rear fuselage nearly finished and work in progress on the wing centre section. It is hoped that the front fuselage and rear fuselage will be joined and mounted on the undercarriage and Wing centre section before the end of the year.

Progress of the Miles Messenger restoration (Rear windows yet to be cut out)

Museum (Building 16)