Miles Messenger Restoration

History - G-AHUI was first registered on 19/07/46 having been built by Miles Aircraft at the Newtownards factory in Northern Ireland. The aircrafts last owner lived in Chester and it is believed the aircraft was based for a short time at Hooton Park - last flown in 1957. Following a period in storage the aircraft was passed to Wolverhampton air scouts in 1970 then to Stockport aviation society / Humberside aviation society / Lincoln Field aircraft collection and eventually parts were handed to the Berkshire Aviation group at Woodley. These were then moved to Henley where parts of the airframe rotted away. The last remains were presented to the Aeroplane Collection in August 2002 together with other Messenger and Gemini parts.

Restoration - Work has now commenced on the restoration to static condition of the Miles Messenger G-AHUI M38 Series 2A (1946). The restoration is a composite based on the cockpit section from G-AHUI, both outer wings from G-AHUI, rear fuselage from EI-AGB and wing centre section from G-AILL. The outer fins and rudders are from G-AJFF. Work has started on the tailplane with restoration of both outer fins / rudders complete, elevators nearing completion and the next item to be tackled will be the centre fin/rudder. A missing undercarriage leg has been sourced and both undercarriage legs have now been soda blasted and are awaiting painting. The engine cowl, doors and other metal parts are currently being Soda blasted. A trial fitting of all of the tailplane parts was completed early April as shown in the photo. Thanks to Ian Maddock for the update and photos and a significant amount of hard work.

G-AHUI Cockpit G-AHUI Port Outer Wing

G-AHUI Stbd Outer Wing G-AIIL Centre section

EI-AGB Rear Fuselage Trial tailplane fitting


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